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The Future of Nutrition is Here, and It’s USANA InCelligence

USANA cellsentials

USANA is Changing the World (of Nutrition) with InCelligence It’s easy to call something groundbreaking. Life-changing. Earth-shaking. Revolutionary, even. Let’s be honest, marketing departments of Fortune 500 companies make those types of claims all the time. But it’s another thing entirely

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Vitamin D for Youth Athletes

Peak athletic performance for youth athletes

Is Your Youth Athlete Getting Enough Vitamin D for Peak Performance? By Isabelle Attai, Certified Personal Trainer Peak youth athletic performance depends in part on optimal levels of Vitamin D, and it is easy to ensure your children are receiving

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3 Essential Supplements for Weight Loss (PLUS a Bonus Recommendation!)

3 essential supplements for weight loss

How to Supplement Correctly for Healthy and Effective Weight Loss Supplements sometimes get a bad rep when it comes to weight loss — and for good reason in many cases. But let us clear: We’re not talking about some “magic

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