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Vitamin D for Youth Athletes

Peak athletic performance for youth athletes

Is Your Youth Athlete Getting Enough Vitamin D for Peak Performance? By Isabelle Attai, Certified Personal Trainer Peak youth athletic performance depends in part on optimal levels of Vitamin D, and it is easy to ensure your children are receiving

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Top 5 Pieces of At Home Exercise Equipment

thrive weight loss bosu ball

Turn Your Home Into a Mini Gym By: Anthony Dominguez, Certified Personal Trainer and Thrive Team Member As an online personal fitness trainer, one of the common most trends I’m starting to see is that more people are looking to

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7 Ways to Reduce Body Fat

lift weights to reduce body fat thrive weight loss

By: Anthony Dominguez, NASM CPT, TRX Trainer, USMC Military Fitness Specialist, and Founder of Alter’d Body Health & Fitness Got body fat? Today I have 7 simple and effective ways for you to shed that unwanted body fat. While fat

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Preparation Meets…

Because I Can

by Jenn Abbenhaus   No matter where you are on your health journey now, simply take the next step and who knows where you can be a year from now. At 7 AM, September 6th, myself and 11 others

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Nutritious Snacks For Youth Athletes During Tournaments

By Izzy Attai Sports season finds our children geared up for busy, active days and oftentimes, hectic schedules.  As parents get the family in gear for those long days filled with games at tournaments,  it is our youth athletes

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Nutrition: The Missing Link In Optimal Performance Of Youth Athletes

By Izzy Attai Optimal performance requires the proper combination of physical ability, emotional focus and nutrition/conditioning. For example, without physical ability, no amount of nutrition will generate a winning athlete; however the opposite is also true – a poorly

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Every Day. Twice Per Day. For Life.

by Melanie Ethridge Yes, if you’re currently thinking “brushing my teeth,” the title does apply but those around Thrive Team are very familiar with this mantra and know that we are talking supplementation. I’m all about finding the simple things

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