The 4th Annual Thrive Team Throwdown Starts Tuesday 5/26 at Noon EST!

Join a Team and Get Ready to Throwdown!

The 3rd annual Thrive Team Throwdown begins this weekYou’ve heard the buzz. You can feel the excitement. That’s right, the 4th Annual Thrive Team Throwdown is upon us!

In fact, the Throwdown will kick off at 12:00pm EST on Tuesday, May 26th 2015. (Note: Be sure to check this Thrive Team Blog or our team Facebook group page for the release of the official contest events).

What does that mean for you? It means that it’s time to join a team or put one together yourself. Here are some quick rules about the teams:

  • Teams must consist of no more than 3 people
  • At least one of those people must be crossline from you
  • You cannot have the exact same team from last year
  • You need a team name
  • You must be prepared to talk some trash during the contest
  • E-mail your team name and members to Brett at or message him on Facebook

If you need help finding a team, check the Thrive Team Facebook Group page or e-mail us and we’ll help pair you with someone.

Now, for those of you who have been with Thrive Team for less than a year, you might be asking yourself, “What is this Throwdown I keep hearing about? And why should I participate?”

We’re glad you asked!

Think of it as The Amazing Race meets USANA. It’s an opportunity for you to engage in a series of fun, business-building activities in a team environment to potentially have your name immortalized in Thrive Team history, win some money (cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams*), and take your business to the next level.

If you missed our team training call this week where we covered all the details about the Throwdown, you can watch the recording here:

Why should you participate?

Because it’s a BLAST! But it’s so much more than just a lot of fun. Hear from two past winners as to some of the benefits of the contest and why YOU should join a team right away:

So what are you waiting for? Join or start a team now and get ready to build your business, network with some great people, and have some fun. Who knows, maybe it’ll be your name we’re engraving on the commemorative plaque this year!

Note: Enter your questions or comments below and we’ll answer them as quickly as possible. Or, just use this opportunity to start talking some trash!

* Cash prizes awarded at USANA’s 2015 International Convention; winners must attend to receive the cash portion of their prize.

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