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Thrive for Life Contest 2015

‘Tis the Season of Giving, and we at Thrive Team want to give back to YOU in a big way this holiday season.

It’s that time of year when many of us increase our focus on weight loss contests as a way to generate new business and increase excitement and product consumption with existing customers. Weight loss is the #1 New Year’s Resolution people set, after all! And with USANA kicking off its 3rd annual RESET Nation Challenge on January 5th — a worldwide 90-day weight loss contest where participants can win incredible prizes including an exclusive trip to the Sanoviv Medical Institute — we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to add some additional incentive to get as many people to participate with you in that challenge as possible.

Enter the Thrive for Life Contest.

Contest Details

We’re keeping this contest very simple and straightforward. There are two ways you can win:

  1. Enroll at least five (5) people into the 5-Week Thrive for Life Program during the contest period and win a $75 cash bonus.
  2. Enroll the most people into the 5-Week Thrive for Life Program (minimum six (6)) during the contest period and win a $750 cash bonus.

It’s as simple as that! This contest is open to everyone in Thrive Team, and as you can see, anyone can meet the minimum standards and win $75. There is no limit to the number of people we will pay out to, so we hope you all go out and get at least five people to do the Thrive for Life Program with you during USANA’s 90-day challenge! And then of course if you want to go big and really take your business to the next level, there’s $750 on the table for the team’s top performer. Game on!

Thrive for Life Contest Timeframe: This contest will run from Monday, December 8, 2014 through midnight on Sunday, January 11, 2015.

About Thrive for Life

Thrive for Life is a comprehensive five-week healthy lifestyle and weight loss program designed around the USANA Foods and Supplements that incorporates weekly education in the key areas of weight loss, support e-mails and coaching, resources such as low-glycemic recipes and exercise plans, and a discussion forum where participants can tap in to the larger Thrive for Life community as they work toward their health and weight loss goals.

For more information about the 5-Week Thrive for Life Program, click here:

Tools to Help You Succeed

There are lots of great ways to introduce your guests and customers to the benefits of the Thrive for Life Program and help them come to a “yes” decision in terms of enrolling in the program. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Direct them to the information page about the Thrive for Life Program here:
  2. Share success stories of past program participants:
  3. Encourage them to download our free eBook, “5 Weeks to a New You!“, where they will learn valuable tips and strategies for losing weight in a healthy way as well as receive subsequent e-mails with videos going into more depth with value-added information about weight loss — culminating in a sales video that explains the Thrive for Life Program in detail and encourages them to sign up. The landing page for downloading the free eBook is here:
  4. On Wednesday, December 17, USANA will be hosting a webinar open to all USANA Associates where they will be training us on how to host a RESET Challenge. Register for the webinar here and then apply what you learn to host your own RESET Challenge, incorporating Thrive for Life into products and education people will use to participate!
  5. Direct them to this video that explains the 5-Week Thrive for Life Program, including benefits and testimonials, and gives people an opportunity to sign up at the end:
  6. Use the professionally-created RESET flyers and other weight loss resources available in your USANA Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get credit in the contest if someone signs up for the Thrive for Life Program through or one of the program sales pages?

Here’s the crucial part: When someone clicks on the big orange “Get Started Today” button, they will be taken to a Paypal checkout page. Whether they’re paying with Paypal or with a credit card, there’s a place down in the sign-up form that says “Add special instructions to the seller.” Make sure your customer clicks the “Add” link to the right of that and then puts your name and USANA ID number in that area. As soon as we receive payment, we’ll know to get in contact with you to make sure you get credit for the customer and that the points go where you want them in your own business. All of our sales videos about the program give the viewer these instructions, but be sure to verbally tell them to add those special instructions as well.

2. Can I just sign up my own customer with the right products and then send you an e-mail about it later?

No. For this contest and moving forward, you will need to actually sign them up through the website for them to get access to the Thrive for Life membership area. Our recommendation is to collect your customer’s information the way you ordinarily would for signing up a new Preferred Customer, and then just go to the Thrive for Life Program page and enroll them yourself.

3. Can my existing customers or associates count toward my five (or six, or seven…)?

Yes. Increased sales to existing customers is a great thing in your business! The key is to make sure that you note in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section during the Paypal checkout process that YOU are the person’s sponsor and should get credit for them in the contest. Be sure to include your associate ID number and designate where you want the points to go. Also note that each new Thrive for Life participant will only count once in the contest. In other words, if one of your team members signs up, they can either count in the contest for themselves or for you, but not both.

4. Will I be able to choose where the points go in my own business?

Yes. They’re your customer. We will get in touch with you after receiving payment to place their product order and make sure the points go exactly where you want them in your business.

5. Why should participants sign up for the full Thrive for Life Program rather than just meeting USANA’s minimum purchase requirement for participating in the RESET Nation 2015 Challenge?

It’s very simple: They’ll get better results. We know from years of experience that people who incorporate all facets of healthy weight loss into their program get the best results and keep the weight off longer. The testimonials of past participants proves that. Moreover, it’s best for your business if you create a culture of optimum performance, both for your team members and for customers. If you set the expectation that minimum performance and product purchases is acceptable, that’s what will duplicate within your business. You shouldn’t want that, and we don’t want that for you, either. We want all customers of Thrive Team to have the best experience with the USANA products as possible, and we know that they will if they do the full Thrive for Life Program. If they choose not to do the full Thrive for Life Program, they can of course still participate in USANA’s RESET Nation 2015 Challenge.

6. Will people who sign up for Thrive for Life also be able to participate in USANA’s RESET Nation 2015 Challenge?

Yes. Thrive for Life participants will also be set up as USANA Preferred Customers, so USANA’s system will recognize that they’ve met the minimum product purchase requirement for the RESET Nation Challenge. Just be sure they go to the RESET Nation Challenge website at to create their account and set up their profile before the January 5th start date!

7. What if someone just wants to buy a RESET Kit or use only some of the products that come with the 5-Week Thrive for Life Program?

They’re entitled to do that and can participate in USANA RESET National 2015 Challenge, but they won’t also be part of the Thrive for Life Program nor count for you in this contest. However, we do have a RESET-only program option at, so if you have someone who only wants to buy a RESET kit and wants the extra support, they can do so through the website and have back-end membership access to training videos, resources, and the community discussion forum. The sign-up page for our 5-Day Detox Program is here:

8. How will it work that the Thrive for Life Program is five weeks but the USANA challenge is 90 days?

The guided educational portion (videos, e-mails, etc.) of the Thrive for Life Program last five weeks, but participants have membership access for six months to all of the videos and resources — which is longer than the duration of USANA’s 90-day challenge. Additionally, after the five weeks has passed, participants will still be participating in the RESET National Challenge and will continue to have access to all of the resources and virtual coaching that USANA incredible program provides as well. Think of it as double-dipping for the first five weeks to amplify their knowledge and results!

9. What should I do with $750 when I win it?

Good question! That will be a nice problem to have (something tells me you’ll be able to put it to good use). And the best part is, in additional to the cash bonus, you will have significantly moved your USANA business (and commission checks!) forward by signing up all of your new customers with sizable product orders. And when they have great results, you’ll be amazed at how the referrals and future customers that come from it will accelerate your business growth in incredible ways. What a great time to be building a business with USANA!

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