Fit and Fabulous Fall Weight Loss Contest – Join Today!

Lose Weight. Win Money. Feel Great Doing It!

5-Week Challenge Starts Sunday, September 28 2014

Look Fit and Fabulous this Fall weight lossBelieve it or not, the Holidays are right around the corner. (We know, we know, we shouldn’t have said it… but not saying it doesn’t make it any less true!).

And with the Holidays often comes less-than-desirable food and lifestyle choices. So why not prepare yourself now? Why not shed a few pounds, develop healthy habits and adopt some new mindsets, get your body fit and fabulous this fall, and put yourself in the best position to navigate the Holiday season with confidence and optimal health?

That’s why we’re launching our next 5-Week Fit and Fabulous Fall Weight Loss Contest starting Sunday, September 28th 2014. Join with a likeminded team of people committed to taking their health to the next level — and their belt loop in a notch or two. Oh, and did we mention that you’ll have the opportunity to win some cold hard cash as well?! 

Here’s how it works:

  • Register by e-mailing ( or calling (303-929-2457) the event coordinator, Isabelle Attai, to let her know you’re in.
  • Throw $10 into the pot. All money collected will go toward two cash prizes that will be awarded as follows: 70% to the biggest loser, 30% to the 2nd biggest loser. When you register, Izzy will tell you where to send your check.
  • Winners are based on a percentage of weight loss. Example: A man weighing 250 pounds loses 25 pounds, which is 10%; a woman weighing 160 pounds loses 20 pounds, which is 12.5%; the woman would take 1st place and the man would take 2nd place, even though he lost more pounds.
  • You will weigh in once a week, on Sunday, and e-mail your weight to Izzy. Izzy will be the only person, other than you, to know your weight.
  • Use USANA’s True Health Companion to track your weight, eating, exercise, and other health goals and parameters.
  • You will be supported with exclusive membership access to our Thrive for Life program area that includes educational videos, healthy recipes, a discussion forum, and e-mails to guide you during the 5 weeks to help you on your weight loss journey.
  • Product requirement: All participants must be USANA Preferred Customers to have access to the True Health Companion (click here to sign up for free). Additionally, you need to purchase at least one USANA product to assist you with your weight loss. Consider kicking things off with a 5-Day RESET, grab an extra bag of Nutrimeal for easy, low-glycemic breakfasts, or add Digestive Enzymes to your vitamin regimen to help the weight come off faster. It’s up to you.

That’s it! 

We’re excited to have you participate in this Challenge over the next five weeks, and who knows, you may just walk away with a fatter wallet in addition to your slimmer body! As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help you on your health journey however we can.

Oh, and one other quick thing. If you really want to win the contest and have the best results? Consider kicking your program off with a 5-day detox. The scientific evidence is clear that people who start a weight loss or healthy lifestyle program with a detox lose more weight, keep it off longer, and overall have better results and more health. Watch this short video taken from our Thrive for Life Program to learn why that’s the case:

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