See it to Believe it: The Power of Visualization for Success

What You See Clearly In Your Mind Inevitably Becomes Your Reality

The more clearly you visualize your dreams the more likely they are to become your realityOne of the first things I do with every new Thrive Team member I train is to get them thinking about the future. I ask them where they see themselves in five years. Where will they be? Who will they be with? How much money will they be earning in their USANA business? Where will they be living? What kind of car will they be driving? What kind of causes will they be contributing to?

And then I take it a step further: I ask them to tell me how it will FEEL to achieve those things. I ask them to connect to their dreams with all of their senses, to think about the smell of the leather in their new car, or the sound of the birds chirping as they sip coffee on the back deck of their dream home, or the taste of a delicious, organic, chef-prepared meal at their favorite restaurant.

I do this exercise with new team members for two reasons: First, it’s important for me to know what they want to create with their new business. If I don’t know where they want to go, I can’t help them get there. Second, and more importantly, it’s because I understand the power of visualization. The more we can “see” our desired future in our own mind, the more likely it is to become our reality. And the more detailed we can become in visualizing that reality by connecting to it with all of our senses, the more real it becomes to us and the more our subconscious mind works to make it a reality. I want my new team members to start making those connections right away.

The Story of Three WWII Castaways

In the epic survival novel Unbroken, author Laura Hillenbrand recounts the story of three U.S. WWII airmen who survive a crash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and find themselves adrift on a life raft, thousands of miles from land. After a couple weeks, their food and water long since gone and their stomachs ravenous for food, they start to visualize their favorite foods from back home and describe them to each other in great detail. While this may sound a little masochistic, it actually had quite the opposite effect on the three men and illustrates the power of visualization in a very compelling way.

Hillenbrand describes what happened this way:

“So began a thrice-daily ritual on the raft, with pumpkin pie and spaghetti being the favorite subjects. The men came to know Luisa’s [Louie’s mom’s] recipes so well that if Louie skipped a step or forgot an ingredient, Phil, and sometimes Mac, would quickly correct him and make him start over. When the imaginary meal was prepared, the men would devour every crumb, describing each mouthful. They conjured up the scene in such vivid detail that somehow their stomachs were fooled by it, if only briefly.”

Imagine that! These men got so crystal clear in their own minds about the imaginary foods they were describing, that it literally had a physical impact on their bodies. It didn’t matter that there was no food; in their mind’s eye, it was there, and they could actually smell it, taste it, and feel it nourishing their bodies. Amazing.

Visualize Your Own Dreams

So what are your dreams? What life do you envision for yourself three years from now? Five years from now? And how CLEARLY have you connected with it?

You know, and interesting thing often happens when I ask my new team members to dream build with me for the first time. In most cases, they’re not able to. They simply haven’t given serious thought to what they want their life to look like in five years. Like most people, they’ve lost in day-to-day “survival mode” and haven’t taken the time to really dream.

That, of course, is one of the great things about USANA: It gives us realistic hope for the future. There’s a very real possibility that with some hard work and intentionality, you can literally create a new life for yourself in just 3-5 years — a lifestyle beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

But it has to start with that dream of yours. You have to be able to see (visualize) what you actually want your ideal life to look like before you can set out to create it. Here are three simple things you can do right now to visualize your future more clearly and start making it a reality:

  • Surf the Web and browse some magazines. Somewhere along the way, we’ve forget how to dream. We have a hard time imagining what life could be like five years from now. We need a little help. A great way to jump-start your ability to visualize the life you want for yourself is to look at pictures. Start typing search terms in to Google like “dream vacation” or “freedom lifestyle” or “man cave” (come on guys, you know what I’m talking about!) and see what comes up. You can also head over to your local bookstore and park yourself in the magazine section and just start leafing through travel magazines or business publications or home and garden rags. It’s amazing what you’ll find — and how much of it will remind you of things you’ve always wanted for your own life but discarded along the way.
  • Write about your ideal life five years from now. Sit down at your computer or grab a piece of paper and start writing a description of your life five years from now. But here’s the key part: Write it in the present tense as if the things you’re describing have already happened. For example, you might start something like: “It is [year 5 years hence] and I’m sitting on the back deck of my 4 bedroom, 3 bath Victorian-style home on the shore of Lake X listening to the birds chirp as I watch the sun come up. Shortly I’m going to take my skull down to the water and row around for a while for my morning workout, but for now I’m just breathing in the fresh mountain air and thinking about my three beautiful kids who are still tucked warmly into their beds, getting ready to face the day themselves. It is so freeing knowing that I can spend all day with them and not have to go off to work like all of my neighbors. The residual income I’ve been able to create with USANA has empowered me to….” The key is to be as descriptive as possible and bring your senses in to the picture.
  • Create a Vision Board. Remember all those pictures you found in Step 1 when you were reconnecting with your dreams? Cut them out or print them off and put them on a large poster board. Hang it above your desk or put it on your mirror or put it someplace that you’ll see it every day. It’s called a Vision Board, and it’s a powerful thing. The reality is that your subconscious mind can’t live with the disconnect between your current reality and what you’re telling it is your visualized reality, so it will go to work to help make that visualized reality your real reality. It’s a remarkable thing. To facilitate this process, you want to make sure you’re “seeing” your visualized reality daily. The more you connect with it as your actual reality, the faster it will become so.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to start building toward your own goals and dreams. It starts with visualizing what you want, and then a little elbow grease will make it come to pass. If you’d like some coaching and support on your journey, we’d love to partner with you! Contact us to learn how.

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