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Personalize Your Diet with a Custom USANA RESET Kit – Available Now!

Personalize your nutrition and diet with USANA's new Custom RESET Kit - Lose 5 pounds in 5 days!

Custom RESET Kits: Any Way You Like It! Personalization — it’s all around you. Your home screen, computer apps, and even your workout program are all set to fit your lifestyle. Now it’s time to personalize your diet, and USANA

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Final Results: Thrive Team Throwdown 2014

Business contest winners of the USANA contest

Let’s Congratulate the 2014 Thrive Team Throwdown Winners! Much like the Marine philosophy of “No man left behind,” technically the annual Thrive Team Throwdown isn’t over until all teams have completed all of the challenges. While a few of the

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The Power of Intention: The X-Factor

Discover your x-factor and the power of attention for achieving goals in your life

Are you “Totally Serious” this time? I was sitting in the airport yesterday waiting for my flight from D.C. to Houston and I grabbed the newspaper on the chair next to me. As often happens, I made my way to

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