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Five Strategies for Getting Your Best Sleep

When it comes to sleep, quantity and quality are both important for living a healthy life.  While asleep, your body is hard at work healing, repairing, and restoring so you can live your best when you’re awake. You’ve probably seen

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Nutritious Snacks For Youth Athletes During Tournaments

By Izzy Attai Sports season finds our children geared up for busy, active days and oftentimes, hectic schedules.  As parents get the family in gear for those long days filled with games at tournaments,  it is our youth athletes

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Consistency Creates Sucess

By Melanie Dunn Ethridge A weight loss program.  A business. Parenting. Running a marathon. Learning a language. Saving money. Healthy weight maintenance. Building a team. What do all of these things have in common?  They have one common secret

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Make a Decision and Go for It!

The importance of decision making in business and leadership

The Power of Decision Making by Melanie Dunn Ethridge Today I was digging through the archives when I stumbled across this article and realized that 2.5 years later, I need to hear it’s message again.  It’s time for me

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