Every Day. Twice Per Day. For Life.

by Melanie Ethridge

Yes, if you’re currently thinking “brushing my teeth,” the title does apply but those around Thrive Team are very vitamin in mouthfamiliar with this mantra and know that we are talking supplementation. I’m all about finding the simple things that that yield huge results, and supplementing ‘every day, twice a day, for life’ is a very simple, yet critical step in achieving optimal health.

Our bodies are beautifully designed with amazing life-giving processes going on every single second of every single day–the vast majority of which we aren’t even aware of. It is truly fascinating.

Our bodies are our only vehicle for experiencing this life on earth. If the building blocks of our bodies are supported, provided for, and well taken care of, then our bodies function at their best and we stay healthy and well. If the building blocks of our bodies are damaged, depleted, and treated with a casual disregard, then our bodies wear out, become tired, and move toward disease.

When we dishonor our bodies, we prevent ourselves from reaching our fullest potential and living our best lives.

Supplementation is all about providing the building blocks of our bodies with the tools that they need to protect the health and well being of your body as a whole. Supplements fill the nutritional and antioxidant gap between what we’re able to get from our food (even if we’re eating a perfectly healthy diet) and the increased level we need due to the ‘side-effects’ of our modern life style.  Let’s look at just one role these nutrients play in our cells.

Oxidative stress is a root source of the major causes of premature death and suffering today, leading to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, strokes, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, bipolar disorder, and more.  Oxidative stress increases when there are too few antioxidants (nutrients) to deal with free radicals and damage within the body.

Free RadicalA free radical is a molecule in your body that has lost an electron and become unstable. This instability can injure every part of your cells, and this damage continues to build up if the body doesn’t have the necessary antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals and help the body repair the damage. Now, free radicals are a normal part of the process of living, but they are increased by toxins, pollutants, stress, sedentary lifestyles, excessive exercise, processed foods, and yes, even all of these wireless gadgets we love so much. The bottom line:  we need an increased amount of antioxidants to deal with the increased level of free radicals that come as a side-effect of our modern lifestyle.

So just what do these antioxidants do? Among the many other miracles they work in the body, antioxidants come into the body with extra electrons that they can donate to the free radical, neutralizing it so that it is no longer damaging your body. And that’s just good news!Antioxidant Donates ElectronOur bodies are bombarded by the things that cause an increase in free radicals every hour, therefore our cells need optimal levels of nutrients available to them every hourThis is why we supplement at least twice per day. You can’t possibly get all of the additional nutrients you need in one pill, and even if you could, you’d have to chop it in pieces to be able to swallow it, and then there is no way your body would be able to absorb all of those nutrients at once.  Plus, many of the nutrients you take in are either used or passed from the body within about 12 hours.

What I most love about this message is that taking a supplement is a super easy thing to do–something you and I have complete control over choosing to do or not to do, and it is a very simple act that yields great health results.  I encourage you to choose to supplement every day, twice per day, for life.

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