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Save on Taxes

What do you think your biggest expense is?  Go ahead, think about it. We’ll wait.


Answers to this question often range from your mortgage, to kids, to health and so on.  And certainly these can be large expenses, but the truth is, most often your single biggest expense each year is the taxes you pay (yeah, we know we kind of gave you a hint with the word ‘taxes’ everywhere on this page).

Tax Pic

From sales tax to income tax and other taxes, many Americans work four to six months just to cover the costs of their taxes—this means it may be May or June before you start keeping any of the money you are earning.

What if there was a way for you to keep more of your hard earned money in your own pocket?

Now, at Thrive Team, we’re not (at all) against paying taxes, but we are for you legally keeping more of the money you earn because we believe individual contribution to society can be greatest when you are making the decisions about how your earned money is being spent.

So, how do you decrease your tax burden?

Experts agree that the best way to do this is to be in business for yourself.  In fact, Sandy Botkin, former IRS Tax Attorney, Founder of the Tax Reduction Institute and author of Lower Your Taxes Big Time, says that,

Every American tax payer who works a full time job and does not have a side business is probably overpaying taxes to the tune of $3,000 to $9,000 per year.

How would you like to keep up to $9,000 more of the money you’ve already earned? 

With a home-based business run with an honest expectation of profit, you can deduct all or a percentage of many of the expenses that you would incur anyway, allowing you to pay your expenses and keep more of the money you’ve earned.  Some of these expenses could include:

Potential tax saving expenses

Money you’d be spending anyway actually helping you to keep more of your money.  That’s good stuff.

If you are interested in reducing your tax burden by starting a side or full-time home-based business, simply contact the person who referred you to this page or click here to get the information you need.

 **We are not accountants. We’ve simply had the benefit of learning these simple tax strategies to help us minimize our tax burden.  We encourage you to take this information to your accountant for his/her professional advice.**

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What People Are Saying

I started with Thrive Team at the same time I started my personal training business. I was primarily looking for a quality weight loss solution for clients. Instead, I found a business that has become a healthy lifestyle. After previously working in the corporate world as a Mental Health Clinician & Health Care Manager, my goal was to find balance between prioritizing my kids & family, my health, and helping others. This gives me the flexibility & freedom to choose my priorities and generate paychecks while enjoying life.
-Izzy Attai, Centenniel, CO

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