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Your Wealth

Today’s financial reality is somewhat bleak. Average household credit card debt is more than $8,000. Many Americans work 4-6 months each year just to pay their taxes. The majority of all Americans approaching retirement age have less in retirement accounts than what would pay them a measly $100 per week. Is it any wonder that finances are often cited as the #1 cause for stress in people’s lives?

This doesn’t have to be your reality.

The truth is that what it takes to create financial security today has greatly changed, yet most people still operate under archaic financial philosophies that are no longer relevant.  Your finances play a major role in your freedom to choose what you want for your life and you have a great deal of control over your financial health.

Check out the information here to learn the strategies for taking control of your financial health today.

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Experts agree on these simple strategies for creating optimal financial health today.
Learn how you can keep more of the money you've already earned in your bank account.
The greatest financial minds of our time agree: Network Marketing is the best way to financial independence.
Learn how you can join thousands of Thrive Team members who have systematically taken control of their financial future.

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What People Are Saying

Originally when I found the USANA products, I decided to get started with the USANA business to simply earn enough money to pay for the products I was using.   Once I did, my goal became to create an extra stream of income.  And now, it’s to help others achieve what they want to, and I am doing that, too.
-Connie Gray, Washington, IN

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