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Thrive Team Leaders

Our Thrive Team leaders are here to help you accomplish your goals and support you as you create your ideal life. We look forward to seeing you on this page one day soon!

Ruby Retreat Reception Picture CroppedBrett & Melanie Ethridge
USANA Emerald Directors
Bogota, Colombia

Brett started his career working for a start-up PR/lobbying firm in Washington, D.C. while Melanie was the regional marketing director for a leading software company. They got married, moved to Denver to pursue graduate business degrees at the University of Denver, and it was there that they realized they ultimately wanted more time and financial freedom than a traditional corporate job would provide them. They founded Thrive Team and began building their business part-time while in school.  In just 15 months, they had achieved the rank of Gold Director with USANA Health Sciences and were able to leave their corporate jobs. Today, they work with a team of thousands of people from around the world and are passionate about empowering people to take control of their health and finances and truly live their best lives. Melanie runs 1/2 marathons as a hobby and dreams of owning a horse property in the foothills of Colorado, while Brett is a budding triathlete, and avid tennis player, and a Duke basketball enthusiast.

Jimmy_&_Bobbie_DeanJimmy & Bobbie Dean
USANA Silver Directors
Derwood, Maryland

Jimmy has owned and operated a construction business building custom homes, remodeling, and doing commercial roofing. Bobbie has worked as a church administrative assistant, construction office manager, and fitness instructor. In 1980 they were first introduced to the concept of Network Marketing and immediately saw it as an opportunity to truly live their dreams. After years working together successfully in the network marketing industry, they ultimately found a home with USANA Health Sciences and Thrive Team. Reaching the level of Silver Director has allowed Bobbie to become full time, helping others reach their health and business goals. Jimmy and Bobbie love to travel and are planning multiple trips this year to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! Bobbie remains active and enjoys working out at the gym while Jimmy enjoys the physical activity of working on their horse farm in Maryland and teaching their six grandchildren the responsibility of caring for the farm. In the summer they enjoy spending time at their lake house in North Carolina with family and friends.

DanaEthridge_LeaderPicDana Ethridge
USANA Ruby Director
Rockville, Maryland

After growing up in the Midwest and getting an art degree at the University of Kentucky, Dana married Paul Ethridge and moved to Maryland. While starting to raise three boys, Dana was diagnosed with breast cancer, which led her on a path or pursuing health and ultimately finding USANA. Believing that USANA’s products have helped keep her immune system strong to continue fighting breast cancer, Dana loves helping others improve their health as well. She also loves working with her children as a family business. The residual income she has created for over fifteen years has helped put her children through college and realize her dream of owning a beach house. When the weather is nice, that’s where you will find her — working her business from her deck overlooking the ocean!

USANA Silver Director Cam McGrew is a top USANA leader in Phoenix AZCam McGrew
USANA Silver Director
Phoenix, Arizona

During his 4 years in the Marines, Cam discovered a love for training others in physical fitness. After returning home he began to pursue his passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals. He started by working for a corporate gym, but he found that he had many limitations that held him back from fully serving his clients in that environment. He was also a broke college student living paycheck to paycheck and between school work and his job at the gym, he had minimal time for fun and knew there had to be a better way. After finding USANA, Cam now operates his own personal training business and has more time for school because of the recurring income stream that USANA has provided him. He plans to travel the world helping others obtain a happier, healthier life. One of his commanding officers while in the Marines once told him, “Your attitude determines your success.” He applies that philosophy in his USANA business and lives his life with a positive attitude and outlook for the future.

R+J Blocher on Beach200by250Roy & Jeannie Blocher
USANA Ruby Directors
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Jeannie is the director of Body and Soul Ministries, a global fitness ministry, while Roy recently retired from the federal government after 25 years of service as an IT project manager. Roy and Jeannie Blocher have built a successful USANA business by taking a team-first approach based on the following distinctives: “We care about others first; We are stewards of our income, viewing it as a resource for giving; We keep our commitments to others and to the truth; We take our responsibility seriously to help others accomplish their dreams; and Success is a process of becoming a better person, becoming more like the One who made us.” This approach helped Roy & Jeannie to earn the accolades within USANA of Growth 25 (2006), Top 100 Sponsors (2006), Top 10 Achievers (2004), and Lifetime Platinum Pacesetters.

Debbie MichalskiDebbie Michalski
USANA Silver Director
Denver, Colorado

Debbie is grateful to a friend who introduced her to USANA in 2004. Now she no longer sits around and day dreams about what it would be like to own a business (“Working in corporate America will have that affect!” she says). Debbie had always had a healthy lifestyle, so USANA and Thrive Team seemed like a perfect fit. After doing her due diligence and researching the company, she decided to go for it — and it is one of the best decisions she has ever made!  “I learned more business skills in 3 years running my USANA business than I have in all my years in corporate America,” she says. “I have done everything from Accounting & Marketing, to Educating & Presenting, and I continue to learn every day.” Years ago she learned that the greatest gift she can give is teaching others about nutrition, digestion, diabetes, and supplementation, and that the greatest reward she can receive are smiles & thank you’s from people when they lose 50 lbs, lower their insulin dependency, or sleep through the night for the first time years. “Best of all, this business never feels like ‘work,'” she says.

Lane Profile pic(1)Lane Ethridge
USANA Gold Director
San Diego, California

Lane Ethridge is a YES man! He lives life to the fullest in all areas of his life. He is a National Bestselling author, speaker and trainer, radio personality and successful entrepreneur. He loves being active and playing and watching sports. He ultimately wants to be a motivational speaker and travel the world empowering others. Life is not about what you accomplish while you live but how you live in your accomplishments. Life is about following your passions and utilizing your gifts and talents for the benefits of others. Become the ultimate person you can so you can help others reach their ultimate potential. Through the Legacy Initiative, Lane helps people learn how to give back, think and live bigger, grow as a person and a leader and create a legacy that will impact many generations. Don’t just chase your dreams, catch them!

Thrive team leader USANA Jenn AbbenhausJennifer Abbenhaus
USANA Silver Director
Denver, Colorado

Growing up in Wyoming, Jennifer often lived her life going through the motions doing what she had always heard — go to school, get good grades, and get a good job you’ll have forever. She graduated college with a degree in structural engineering and quickly found herself working 60 to 70 hours a week for almost 5 years with little to no full vacations. After almost being denied an extension on the first 2-week vacation she was finally able to take, she realized she was sacrificing her own dreams in order to build someone else’s. In 2008, she left the 9-to-5 corporate life behind and never looked back, thankful for the residual income she had built part-time with her USANA business while still working as an engineer. Today, she’s passionate about living a life with no restrictions. As the owner of Real Health LLC and founder of the Fit Body Fat Life Nation, she loves helping others discover delicious health, the gift of time flexibility, and bank account abundance. Living a life with no restrictions means never having to say no when you want to say yes.

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