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Is Thrive Team for You?

We know that Thrive Team isn’t for everyone, but if you’re thinking that this may be the place for you, then we invite you to consider the following traits.  These are the characteristics we look for in people who want to be a part of our community. If you feel like this describes you or even if you have some of them and a desire to develop the others, then you might be a good fit for Thrive Team.

VisionThe Key To Your Vision
You see the possibilities in life and have a clear direction for what you want to create and the legacy you want to leave.

Although thankful for where you are and what you have, you desire to move beyond the status quo, beyond the ‘good enough’ to creating and living something truly great.

Many start, but few finish. You not only have vision and desire, but you have the commitment and follow through necessary to plow through obstacles and keep moving when most would quit, so you can live the life most will only dream of.

Your strong moral principles guide you to create the life you want while empowering others instead of using others. You walk your talk and live a life that you can be proud of.

You realize that not only do most people live lives of mediocrity, but they’ll try to persuade you to stay stuck with them. You have the confidence to move forward on your dreams, even if you have to choose differently than most will and ignore the negative people who would hold you back.

WillingPositive Focusness to Learn and Grow
You understand to get something you’ve never had (the dreams you are reaching for), you may have to do some things you’ve never done. Never fear! There are Thrive Team members at all stages of the success journey who are happy to teach you what you need to know if you are willing to learn.

Positive and Solution-Oriented
You understand that there will likely always be things that frustrate us, but complaining and bringing others down only takes you backwards. You choose, instead, to stay on the positive side and look for the solutions that will move you toward your goals.
Team Player
You get that “no man is an island” and the best way to truly succeed is to help others move forward, too. You realize that we are all on a growth path together so you have grace for others—and yourself—as we all learn and grow on this journey.

You are no longer willing to operate with an industrial era mindset—a mindset of being a cog in the system.  You want to own your life—actively creating the life you desire, and you understand that to do this, you may have to defy conventional mediocrity and choose to take the right actions.

If you are looking for more in life, it doesn’t matter so much what is your experience or where you’re coming from.  What’s most important is having an open mind and a desire to create exactly what it is that you want. If you think Thrive Team is for you, let us know and we’ll look forward to partnering with you in crafting the life you want.

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We come from many backgrounds with one goal: A burning desire to live the fullness of life while empowering others to do the same.
Not everyone is a fit for Thrive Team. To see if this is the community for you, click here.
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What People Are Saying

I have met so many new friends with Thrive Team.  This allows people to leverage their time and share the dream of health and freedom.
Jenny T, San Diego, CA

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