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More than 65% of adults in the US are currently overweight. Every year more than 50 million of these adults will go on some sort of a diet program only to have 95% of them regain all of the weight lost—and often more—within two years.

Many programs focus only on getting pounds off—whatever the cost—through fake foods, dangerous pills, and attempts to manipulate the body. Weight may be lost, but health is disregarded.  This brings results that are largely unsustainable and potentially dangerous.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you.

When it comes to living your optimal weight, the truth is very simple.  Honor your body and give it the right fuel. If you are tired of moving from program to program let us show you simple changes to create true health that results in long term weight loss.  Check out our programs and get empowered to Thrive for Life.

Lose the cravings, cleanse the body, and shed some pounds while giving a healthy kick-start to your new fit and sexy lifestyle.
Transform your body into a lean, healthy and vibrant vehicle for truly experiencing the fullness of life.
The role of optimal nutrition in shedding pounds effectively and permanently.
Shed 5-15 pounds in our 5-week program designed to equip you to live healthy every day for life.

What People Are Saying

I LOVE the USANA vitamins, but I was skeptical to try their 5-day RESET program and meal replacement shakes. Liquid meal replacements? I didn’t believe in them. But I was so curious about what “lose the cravings” meant with regard to the RESET program. It was roughly Day 3 that I got it. It meant I simply didn’t want to eat the junk any longer! I continued having a shake per day for breakfast and one of the protein bars for my snacks, and I ended up losing three sizes over the next few months. It is the easiest – and most successful – eating plan I have ever tried.

— Jacque Wilson, Ft. Collins, CO