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Healthy Every Day For Life

Your health truly is your greatest asset and the reality of your health is created in the choices that you make each day.

At Thrive Team, we believe in actively protecting and advancing your health through the lifestyle you live and the choices you make every day.  In addition to our Thrive Team Health Principles listed below, we encourage you to check out our wide array of topics listed to the right to learn even more specific thoughts, tips and strategies for creating a healthy life you love.

Our Thrive Team Health Principles are composed of straight forward ideas that, when incorporated into your life, help you create a health reality that truly empowers you to live in the fullness of life.

Principle 1:  Accept responsibility for YOUR health.  Responsibility = Ownership. You’re more likely to treat your health right once you come to the realization that you truly own your health. You can think of this like the ‘rental car syndrome.’ If you own that snazzy new car, that ketchup you just spilled on the seat is a little more alarming than if you were in a cheap rental. You OWN your health and your health is your most important asset.  Instead of treating your health casually (or even carelessly), or giving responsibility to someone else, or leaving your health up to chance, choose instead to actively create the health reality you desire for yourself.

Principle 2:  Eat healthy whole foods as much and as often as possible.  These foods are healing and give life to the body.  Replacing ‘dead’ foods like processed packaged foods, artificial sweeteners and processed sugars with real, life-giving, delicious fresh fruits and veggies will add years to your life and life to your years. You will feel a difference.  Period.  Try it.  We dare you.

Principle 3:  Take a high quality nutritional supplement.  Unfortunately, due to changes in our food supply and our environment, we can no longer get the nutrients we need from food alone.  We must use supplementation to fill this gap and provide our bodies with the optimal nutrition they need to live life well.

Principle 4:  Breakfast is key to a healthy life.  Eating breakfast—and what you eat for breakfast—largely determines what you’ll eat for the rest of the day.  Eat a high-glycemic breakfast like a boxed cereal and orange juice and studies show that you’ll consume as 80% more calories throughout the rest of the day. Consume a low-glycemic, nutrient dense breakfast every day and not only will you begin to lose weight, but you’ll also feel amazing.

Principle 5:  Make water your beverage of choice.  There are so many reasons for this. Proper hydration helps all body processes, flushes out toxins, and helps keep us slim.  Water is vital for all life forms on earth and drinking plenty of pure water every day is fundamental to a healthy life.

Principle 6:  Move your body.  Your body was designed for movement.  In fact,  we’ve heard it said that whereas the body can adapt to nearly anything, the one thing it can’t seem to adapt to is a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise and movement benefits nearly every process in the body, keeps you lean, and helps to reduce the negative effects of stress. Look for simple ways to add additional movement to your day such as taking the stairs, parking a little further away,  pacing while you’re on the phone, or find a form of exercise that you love (and put it in your calendar like it’s an unmissable appointment).

Principle 7:  Intentionally choose to release stress.  There’s a lot of talk about stress in our world today, and it’s little wonder why when you look at the modern lifestyle. Heightened stress levels hinder nearly every process in the body and are linked with as many as 90% of all doctors visits.  Choosing to release stress and practice stress reducing activities will greatly improve your health—and the health of those in your life.

Principle 8:  Make sleep a priority.  Studies show that when you don’t get enough sleep, your risk of dying from EVERY cause increases significantly.  Sleep allows your body the opportunity to rest, restore, and heal.  People who get appropriate levels of sleep are less likely to get sick, less likely to be overweight, and in general, perform better in all areas of life.

Principle 9:  Reduce your toxic exposure. In today’s polluted environment, we are exposed to more toxins than ever before. Can we avoid 100% of these?  Unfortunately, no.  The good news though is that simply minimizing our exposure to toxins and pollutants yields huge health results.

Principle 10:  Choose your friends wisely. Birds of a feather flock together. We’ve all heard it, and it seems to be true with your health as well.  As humans, we seem to become the ‘average’ of the people we spend the most time with.  Surround yourself with people who have unhealthy physical, mental, and emotional habits, and sooner or later you’ll find yourself less healthy. Choose to spend your time with forward-moving, healthy people, and your health will improve. Take an objective look around you and it’s our guess you’ll see that this is very true.

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What People Are Saying

I was introduced to Thrive Team and the USANA products two years ago and personally take the Essentials and several optimizers. As a health care provider, I understand the importance of a healthy body. I feel great, have more energy, and am not tired after a long day of seeing patients. I plan to maintain this healthy lifestyle for many, many years.  It is a pleasure belonging to such an amazing team and outstanding company.

-Dr. Steven Peterson, San Diego, CA 

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