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Healthy Babies, Kids & Teens

It is true that it is never too late to choose to become more proactive in your health, but as parents, you can give your children a special blessing by helping them establish healthy habits from childhood on.  We are so fortunate that in this day and age, we no longer need to leave our health or the health of our children up to chance because there is so much we can actively do to support and protect the health of our kids.  Babies, Kids and Teens each have very unique nutritional needs that when met, empower them to truly thrive and set a foundation for living their best lives.

Happy Health Baby JacksonHealthy babies start with healthy parents. This has been known throughout cultures for centuries—many having common eating practices and rituals for young ladies heading into marriage—and is proven with science today. Many studies show that the health of the parents even prior to conception can help to establish the health of the baby, so whether you already have a baby or are planning to have babies, making simple choices to protect your health today will not only be a huge benefit to you, but will also give your baby a great start.

Once conceived, your baby quickly goes from a single cell to an estimated average of 2 trillion cells in just 9 months.  Each of these cells needs nutrients to form and function properly. After birth, providing optimal levels of nutrients support the rapid growth and development of the baby ensuring that the right nutrients are present at the right time.

Healthy Family 5Children are vibrant, expressive, curious little balls of energy.  But even all of this animated activity that you can see with kids pales in comparison to the many unseen processes going on within children as they develop and grow. Optimal nutrition from a healthy diet and supplementation is essential today to support these processes and protect the health of our children.

Many experts believe that today’s kids will be the first generation to not outlive their parents—that their life expectancy will be shortened because of the new ‘modern lifestyle’ health concerns such as obesity and degenerative disease facing their generation. The good news is that it does not have to be this way. Kids tend to pick up their health habits from their parents and you get to choose the lifestyle you want to model and create for your own children. Plus, guiding your children to eat healthily and providing optimal nutrition can be easily incorporated into the lifestyles of even the busiest of families.

Teens With Cell PhonesTeens can tend to have a somewhat negative reputation in our society today, but the truth is that the teen years are an incredible time of exploration, development and self-discovery in life.  Protecting health through the teen years sets the stage for better performance in school, sports, social situations and even for a healthier adulthood.

In our hyper-paced world today, the modern teen lifestyle doesn’t easily lend itself to optimal health. Our teens today are faced with high levels of stress, social pressures, easy access to unhealthy and highly processed foods, dangerous, chemical laden beverages, and in many cases, an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Helping the teens in your life adopt a few simple health strategies, such as deep breathing to help with stress, taking high quality nutritional supplements and choosing healthy foods whenever possible will have a life-long positive effect.

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What People Are Saying

“As a father I feel it’s important to give my kids the vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for good health. I also know that whatever I instill in them now at a young age, it will stay with them forever. They are impressionable. So by telling them the importance of why they should be taking vitamins they develop a habit. I know the Body Rox are going to give them the proper nutrients and minerals that will help their bodies with the energy they need for their schedules and their brains to keep them sharp as they are constantly learning and still developing.”
-Anthony Dominguez, San Diego, CA

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