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Healthy Athletes

Athletes are amazing creatures. They come in all shapes, sizes, talents, specialties and activity levels. They are powerful, inspiring, and just plain fun to watch. Whether you are an elite athlete who spends the bulk of your time training daily, an endurance athlete who puts in the miles for endurance events, or an every day athlete maintaining an active lifestyle, one thing we know about your athletic performance is that to be at your best, optimal nutrition is key.

  ThriveElite Athletes

Elite Swim RaceElite athletes routinely work their bodies, pushing themselves to the limits while accomplishing amazing physical feats. It is essential for athletes to protect their health with a foundationally healthy diet and high quality nutritional supplement support. Many elite athletes have trainers they trust to help with appropriate foods and refueling, but when it comes to supplementation and all of the concerns associated contaminated products and drug testing, it is imperative that elite athletes find nutritional products they can trust to not only optimally support their health and training and maybe even extend their playing life, but to also be free of any banned substances, contaminants, and stimulants.

ThriveEndurance Athletes

Crescent Moon Triathlon

Whether it’s an ironman, marathon or century cycle ride, endurance athletes do the time and log the miles in preparation for the next great event. Missing even one day of training can affect time and performance in the next event, so endurance athletes must protect their health and provide solid nutritional support to stay healthy and keep training.



ThriveEveryday Athletes

Kayaking in TennesseeFrom recreational team sports to hiking the trails to your favorite fitness classes or cardio and strength training, the everyday athlete loves life and lives it actively. Feeling strong and healthy on a daily basis is key to maintaining this regular exercise routine, so everyday athletes need solid but simple tips, strategies and products for incorporating optimal nutritional support into a busy lifestyle.



To create a solid health foundation for athletes to build on, a healthy diet, high quality nutritional supplementation and adequate rest and recovery are critical. Without the right nutrients at the right time, athletic performance suffers.

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What People Are Saying

As a competitive weight lifter, I was definitely intrigued by USANA’s credibility, product quality, attention to detail, and their overall attitude toward athletics and performance. I love USANA because I know I am getting what I am paying for. It certainly gives me the vitamins and minerals to help support me in my training, but it also gives me confidence that I am staying on top of my game both inside and outside of the gym. USANA clearly has the best interest of their customers in mind, and that is something that can’t be said about a lot of supplement companies.

— John Sammarco, New Canaan, CT

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