The Truth About Sugar [Infographic]

Learn to Hit the Sugar “Sweet Spot”

By: Jennifer Abbenhaus, Certified Personal Trainer and Thrive Team Member

hit the sugar sweet spotThe Holidays are just around the corner and while sugar is always a hot topic, it’s never more in-your-face than this time of year. So, let’s get a few things out of the way about our dear friend The Carbohydrate (Code name: Sugar).

Sugar has been demonized over the years. This has led to attempts by the food industry to minimize sugar intake by creating “fake” alternatives with no calories — or even to encouraging the removal of carbohydrates from your diet altogether. Quite frankly, these alternatives have sent the body in to a tailspin of uncertainty and chaos.

It is key to remember that we absolutely must consume carbohydrates. Our body NEEDS it — to be used for energy, for fuel, and to keep the brain going. I mean, how does being smarter AND more energetic sound to you? Carbohydrates can help with that. Bottom line: Sugar is not the enemy…

… But it’s not always our friend, either.

Traditionally, the sweet taste of sugar was equated with calories by our bodies. When you ate something sweet, you felt like you were consuming something with substance — and if you continued consuming this sweet item, eventually your brain would send the signal that you were full. You would know to stop eating, and that was a good thing. Today, however, all too often normal sugar has been replaced in our foods with zero-calorie substitutes. After all, we want to have our cake and eat it too without feeling guilty about the calories, right?

But truthfully, the body doesn’t like to be tricked — at all! It’s smarter then us and it does get its revenge. It begins to stop equating “sweet” with “calories” so that even when you do eat something of nutritional substance and value, your body no longer believes you. You’re like the boy who cried wolf one too many times. So your body stops sending the signal that you’re full when consuming something sweet, and overconsumption begins.

So here’s the scoop about sugar:

  • It’s important to understand the different types of sugar and how much you need daily.
  • Keep it real! Your body knows what to do with it.
  • The old saying is still true: “Everything in moderation”. You’ll be much better off if you follow this simple boundary.
  • My guess is you don’t like being tricked? Neither does your body, the one piece of machinery you can’t live without — so avoid those fake sugar substitutes!
  • Check out the infographic below for even more useful information about sugar.

Hit the Sugar Sweet Spot this infographic will help not all sugar is bad

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Keep on rock’n toward your next step of amazing health!

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