Thrive Team Recognition – 2014 Q3

Congratulations to Our Team’s Top Performers from Last Quarter!

Recognition for USANA's Thrive Team for Q1 2014

It’s hard to believe that the 3rd quarter of 2014 has already come and gone, and what an amazing quarter it was in Thrive Team! What made last quarter particularly fun was that it overlapped with USANA’s 22nd International Convention, where a handful of Thrive Team Members received international recognition on stage as some of USANA’s top performers worldwide. Before we get to third quarter accomplishments, let’s take another opportunity to congratulate the following team members who received USANA-wide recognition last quarter:

  • Million Dollar Club Inductees: Dana and Paul Ethridge, Rockville, MD
  • Teamwork Award: Jennifer Abbenhaus, Denver, CO
  • New Executive Emerald Directors: Brett and Melanie Ethridge, Medellin, Colombia
  • New Gold Director: Lane Ethridge, San Diego, CA
  • New Silver Director: Cam McGrew, Phoenix, AZ
  • New Silver Director: Jennifer Abbenhaus, Denver, CO

Alright, now let’s get down to the business of recognizing you for your great work over the past three months. Every single week in Q3 of 2014, Thrive Team was represented by 3 or more people in USANA’s Top lists and experienced 9 new rank advancements — people who decided to give themselves a promotion and made it happen. These are HUGE accomplishments!

Also during the third quarter of 2014, we welcomed more than 19 new team members and more than  61 new Preferred Customers to the team. That’s a lot of lives being impacted. Check out the lists below and be sure to congratulate all of Thrive Team’s top leaders in each category.

Top Earners

  1. Brett & Melanie Ethridge, Emerald Directors, Medellin, Colombia
  2. Dana Ethridge, Ruby Director, Rockville, MD
  3. Roy & Jeannie Blocher, Ruby Directors, Virginia Beach, VA
  4. Beth Querner, Silver Director, Rockville, MD
  5. Lane Ethridge, Gold Director, San Diego, CA
  6. Jenn Abbenhaus, Bronze Director, Denver, CO
  7. Debbie Michalski, Silver Director, Englewood, CO
  8. Linda Wichman, Silver Director, Washington, IN
  9. Isabelle Attai, Achiever, Centennial, CO
  10. Diane DeCarlo, Silver Director, Roseville, CA

Top Active Associate Sponsors

1.  Lane Ethridge, Gold Director, San Diego, CA
2.  Brenda DiMaggio, Builder, Pittsburg, CA
3.  Justin Osborne, Believer, Pensacola, FL

Top Active Preferred Customer Sponsors

1.  Isabelle Attai, Achiever, Centennial, CO
2.  Anthony Dominguez, Achiever, Wilmington, CA
2.  Jennifer Abbenhaus, Silver Director, Denver, CO
2. Michelle Kuehn, Believer, Rockville, MD
2. Diane Friend, BC, Thornton, CO
2. Vickie Haynes, Sharer, Gillette, WY
2. Julie Moon, Builder, Glen Allen, VA
2. Troy McVay, Builder, Littleton, CO
3. Brett & Melanie Ethridge, Emerald Directors, Medellin, Colombia
3. Rosemary Lecompte-Park, Achiever, Roseville, CA
3. Dr. Steven Peterson, Believer, San Diego, CA
3. Barbara Leach, Believer, Cave Creek, AZ
3. Rositsa Dimitrov, Sharer, Denver, CO

New Premier Pacesetters

  • Justin Osborne, Believer, Pensacola, FL
  • Nancy Beley, Sharer, Oakland, CA

In Qualification Period for Pacesetter / Platinum Pacesetter

  • Susan Perdue
  • Rod Vandenbos
  • Anela Lopshyts
  • Stacy Stehle
  • Diane Friend
  • Terry Reeves
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