Delicious Kale Recipe You’ll LOVE!

Love the Flavor and Health Benefits of Kale

By: Julie Moon, RN, Wellness Coach and Thrive Team member

healthy low glycemic kale recipe with mushrooms and parmesean

A bit about kale….

Kale is a vegetable loaded with lots of Vitamin K, A, and C as well as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer nutrients making it a “super-food”. Kale helps lower cholesterol and aids in the detoxification process.

Here’s a tip for you: Choose kale with smaller-sized leaves since these will be more tender and have a more mild flavor than those with larger leaves. Kale is available throughout the year, although it is more widely available — and at its peak — from the middle of winter through the beginning of spring

The longer kale is stored the more bitter its flavor becomes. Do not wash kale before storing because exposure to water increases spoilage. Keep kale in the coolest part of the refrigerator. Wash the leaves right before using and pat dry before cutting (or use a salad spinner to remove excess water).

Once the leaves are cut let them rest and sprinkle them with lemon juice to enhance their antioxidant properties. Kale is one of the few foods that releases more antioxidants and nutrients when heated. There are different types of kale and they vary in taste. Curly leaf is my favorite due to the texture and slightly bitter peppery taste.

Delicious “Kurly Kale” Recipe

This is my favorite kale recipe and there are never any leftovers. If you don’t like mushrooms, leave them out or throw in a few chopped scallions. If you are vegan, substitute the cheese with nutritional yeast flakes.

What you’ll need:

  • Coconut oil
  • 2-4 cups cut kale leaves without stems
  • 2-3 sliced mushroom
  • ¼ cup sliced almonds
  • ¼ cup fresh grated parmesan
  • Salt to taste

How to Prepare It:

Heat in a frying pan enough coconut oil to generously coat the bottom of the pan. Lay down a layer of sliced mushrooms, sprinkle with sliced almonds. Top with enough cut kale to reach the top of the frying pan. The leaves will reduce in volume as they are heated. Do not add water as the leaves have a high water content and additional water makes them “soggy”. Turn over the mushrooms, nuts, and greens once the mushrooms and almonds have browned. Turn over the greens until all the leaves have wilted some may turn crisp. Before plating sprinkle with salt and fresh grated parmesan.


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