The Importance of Detox for Weight Loss

Why a Detox Helps You Lose More Weight, More Healthfully, and Keep It Off

I remember the first time someone suggested that I do a 5-day detox. I didn’t want to. More importantly, I didn’t feel like I needed to!

Boy, was I wrong.

The truth is, it’s scientifically proven that people who jump-start a healthy lifestyle or weight loss program with a detox lose more weight, do so more healthfully, and keep it off longer.

Why is that the case and what does it mean for you? Watch this short video where we break down exactly why it’s important to detox for weight loss, and what it means for you:

Still don’t believe us? The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Check out the results (below) of one of our clients who jump-started her weight loss journey with our 5-Day Detox Program. For more info about a healthy detox that could be right for you, click here.

Barbara Leach lost 8 pounds in 5 days with our 5-day Detox Program“Having lost a brother and sister to complications from metabolic syndrome, I knew I needed to take charge of my own health. In this first 5 weeks on this program, starting with a detox, I lost 16 pounds and 2% body fat and have gone on to lose 65 pounds so far. More importantly, I have boundless energy, I no longer have the cravings for sugar and processed foods that I used to have, my post-menopausal “personal summers” no longer exist, and I’m in a great place physically, emotionally, and spiritually!” — Barbara Leach, Phoenix

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