The Power of Intention: The X-Factor

Are you “Totally Serious” this time?

I was sitting in the airport yesterday waiting for my flight from D.C. to Houston and I grabbed the newspaper on the chair next to me. As often happens, I made my way to the comics (who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh, after all!) and saw this one from Baldo, by Hector D. Cantu and Carlos Castellanos:

Discover your x-factor of goal setting and resolve to hit your goals and thrive

This illustration really hit home for me. At Thrive Team, we’re all about continuously making positive changes so that we can thrive in all areas of our lives. But change isn’t always easy. And good intentions aren’t always enough. I’m sure the guy in this cartoon truly meant to save up for his dream car when he put his savings jar on that bottom “would be nice” shelf, after all. And I have no doubt he was serious when he moved it up to the “I really need this” shelf. Yet he still wasn’t seeing the results he was looking for. Something was missing.

What about you? What goals have you been setting for yourself that you need to get “totally serious” about? Perhaps a promotion in your business? Maybe breaking through a weight loss threshold? Or something with one of your relationships?

What’s holding you back from accomplishing those goals?

Might I suggest that you’re missing what I call the “X-Factor.” You see, in my experience setting and achieving goals in my own life and teaching my clients and teammates to do the same for the past decade, advancement really boils down to three main components:

  1. You must be crystal clear on the goal you’re trying to achieve;
  2. You must have a strategic game plan of stepping-stone action items that will lead to the accomplishment of that goal;
  3. You must have the X-Factor

The X-Factor, in my mind, is the unshakeable resolve to do it. We all know about the power of intention, but your X-Factor is more like intention on steroids. It’s a mental switch that has to be activated within you that says this is the time, I am fully committed. It’s that knowing that this time will be different. The resolve is suddenly there. You still have to walk out the process of taking the necessary actions, but success is all but a foregone conclusion. You’ve already decided that the outcome will happen.

That’s what I love so much about this comic — the look on the guy’s face, the set jaw and determination, that says this time will be different. He’s discovered his X-Factor.

The benefits of USANA RESET and Nutrimeal for weight lossI watched this happen for my brother Lane back in high school. He was significantly overweight to the tune of about 70 pounds. He had tried for years to lose the weight. My mom tried to help by keeping low-fat foods in the house. Everyone in the family was constantly giving him tips and pointers, but to no avail. Every time he would try to lose the weight himself, it wouldn’t last for more than a few weeks before he was back to his old habits. It wasn’t a lack of knowing what to do, or even of not having a clear picture in his mind of what he wanted to look like. It was simply that he hadn’t fully decided, internally, to become a different person.

And then one day he did.

One day, it just happened. He discovered his X-Factor. Something triggered inside him, and he would never be the same. It was his time. This time would be different. Nobody else could do it for him, but that was okay. He was ready.

He set a goal to be up on stage for his high school’s annual male pageant called Mr. Rockville…with his shirt off in front of the whole school! (the previous year, he was runner-up largely on his oversized personality and popularity, but he was too embarrassed to take his shirt off like the other contestants). And then he got to work. He cleaned up his diet and spent more time in the weight room. And when he hit that sticking point where he had always failed in previous years, this time he pushed through. He had found his X-Factor. He had flipped that switch. Failure was no longer an option. And sure enough, a year later, he was up on stage with his shirt off and crowned Mr. Rockville.

And he never looked back.

So I ask you again: What goal are you working on? What will enable you to thrive more fully in your life right now? And in addition to clarifying the goal and setting specific action steps to achieve it, are you prepared to find your inner X-Factor? Is this YOUR time? “I’m totally serious!” Are you?

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