Make a Decision and Go for It!

The Power of Decision Making

by Melanie Dunn Ethridge

Today I was digging through the archives when I stumbled across this article and realized that 2.5 years later, I need to hear it’s message again.  It’s time for me to stop procrastinating, choose a plan, and take action.  I hope this will encourage you to get moving on something you’ve been putting off as well.

From September 2010.  Enjoy!

22 months ago, I bought a house.  Prior to buying this house, I had a perfectly good, perfectlySledge hammer finished house in a great location with gorgeous views…but I digress.  22 Months ago, I bought a house and decided to rip it down to its studs and rebuild it—all with my two bare hands (and a sledge hammer and a host of other terrifyingly fun tools and occasionally—much to his dismay—with Brett’s two hands).

The project has been very…interesting… and I’ve learned a few life lessons.

  1. Things rarely, if ever, go as planned
  2. Regardless of lesson 1, it’s still important to have a plan
  3. Because of lesson 1, flexibility and the willingness and ability to adapt lead to a greater likelihood for success in any project
  4. Good visualization and follow-through are needed to complete tasks
  5. Stress management practices are VERY important (this can’t be overstated—the sledge hammer is often very helpful in this regard)
  6. You’ll come to a point (maybe many) where you just feel stuck

Currently, number 6 is hitting pretty hard again.  We’ve worked our way down to the final two projects (well, okay to be honest there are still hundreds of projects left, but these two, once completed…well, if you come visit, you’ll walk in and think, “Oh, what a nice house” as opposed to “Oh, this is interesting.  Why is that wall missing?”)

For ten days now, I’ve stared at these two projects.  I’ve looked them up and down.  I’ve taken pictures and viewed them on my computer.  I’ve drawn them out on graph paper, scratch paper, and even post-it notes.

For ten days now, little to nothing has been accomplished as I’ve remained mired in this sludge of indecision.

For ten days now, I’ve had plans for these two projects narrowed down to two options each.  I’ve stressed over these options. I’ve weighed them out. I’ve written out pro / con lists.  They’re both really good options with lots of pros and a few cons each.

For ten days now, I’ve stressed about making the wrong decision, paralyzed by fear that I might not like one decision as well as the other and might regret my choice.  Today, I realized that if I had just made a decision and had taken action on either one of the two options ten days ago, we’d be 2-4 days away from completion.  Things would be a heck of a lot better today than they are.

Today I made my decision.  I called in a good ol’ trusty friend to help.  Eenie-meenie-miney-moe.  Thank you, as always, for being there for me when I need you.  Sometimes taking ANY action really is the better choice.

eeny meeny 2

Ten days from now I can just imagine how it’s going to feel when I’m putting the finishing touches on these projects and am reaping the benefits of just doing something.

If there is something you’ve been procrastinating acting on, choose an action and take it now.  You can always redirect as you go, but you have to take that next step first.

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